Losing a family member is never easy. We understand and handle each and every funeral to take as much worry and concern off the families’ shoulders while making things as easy and bearable as possible. We not only work with, but we work for each family, and with as many members of that family as possible.

While we understand that every family chooses to observe a funeral in their own way, we take great care to ensure that families understand all of the choices available to them every step of the way.

Whether we provide guidance for selecting a casket or handle all every detail of the funeral service, we see our roles as funeral directors, not salesmen. Each family feels stress when trying to select the appropriate casket. Although we have several caskets to choose from, we believe that a simple casket does the very same thing as the most elaborate casket. We also believe that funerals are not about how much someone has spent, but rather, how appropriate and comforting the entire experience is for the survivors, while honoring the lost loved–ones.

Robert E. Shure Funeral Home is the only strictly Jewish Funeral Home facility in the Greater New Haven area.


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Robert E. Shure Funeral Home is the only strictly Jewish Funeral Home in the Greater New Haven area.

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