At the time of each funeral, we furnish each family with several books to help them along their journey through their mourning process. As they leave the cemetery, we make it very clear that though the funeral is now over, we are still very much available to the family any hour, day or night, just as we were before the funeral took place. Our custom is to call each family the evening after the funeral took place, as well as the next day, or the following few days. When we are able or asked to do so, we do our best to help a family member find the appropriate help that he or she may need in coping with the recent loss just experienced.

We are familiar with of many highly capable and well–respected specialists professionals from psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists who may be able to assist one during the mourning and grieving process. An individual needn’t to have used our services to call upon us for a recommendation.


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Robert E. Shure Funeral Home is the only strictly Jewish Funeral Home in the Greater New Haven area.

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