Robert E. Shure Funeral Home is built upon the commitment and expertise of our staff. We have chosen this profession because we are proud to assist families making a very difficult situation as bearable as possible, so they may focus on honoring their loved ones while we create a service to act as a comfort for the survivors throughout this difficult time…and for the rest of their lives.

We are proud of our dedication to continuing to foster the richness and beauty of the rituals that our Jewish laws, traditions and heritage teach us. And we are grateful to be in a position to assist families as they make some of the most emotionally difficult and unbearable decisions with which they will be confronted. We do our best to help them honor their loved ones, observe the Jewish traditions to the extent to which they feel most comfortable, and perhaps more importantly, at all times ensure their emotional and physical well-being to the best of our ability.

James M. Shure was born and raised in the Westville section of New Haven. After receiving his B.A. in English Literature from George Washington University, Jimmy went on to Georgetown University Graduate School of Arts & Sciences for his M.A. in Literature of England. He then received his L.E.F.D. with Honors for academic excellence from the American Academy-McAllister Institute of Mortuary Science.

As you can see from his education, Jimmy wasn’t originally headed into funeral service. It was for no other reason than it was never an option. Though his father, Bob, had founded the funeral home in 1939, he never had plans for his son to follow in his footsteps. Things changed! Nearing completion of his graduate degree at Georgetown, Jimmy discussed his future wishes with his parents, who actually, reluctantly, acceded to his request. So three weeks after completing his Master’s work, he began studies at the American Academy-McAllister Institute of Mortuary Science in New York. Upon graduation with honors, Jimmy completed his two year apprenticeship, successfully passed the State of Connecticut examination and has been in charge of the day to day operations of the Robert E. Shure Funeral home ever since.

Jimmy has always been involved in community activities. He thoroughly enjoys the work necessary to keep not for profit agencies vital and strong to make sure they have the money necessary to do the jobs they need and must do. His strong ties to the State of Israel had him lead two missions and travel on a third. He was proud to co-chair along with Helaine Lender the very first Super Sunday event that the New Haven Jewish Federation held many, many years ago. For Jimmy, it was never a matter of “counting other people’s money” as far as soliciting a gift for charity. It was his need to instill a genuine desire to care in that person to want to do “something” to help, no matter how big or small.

So whether it be the Jewish Community Center, the Yom Ha-Shoah Program, Congregation B’nai Jacob, Juvenille Diabetes Research Foundation (where he has a stem-cell research fund), Community One, Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, and various professional and civic organizations, Jimmy enjoys spending his “free time” dealing with the issues facing our community locally and abroad.

John DiCarlo, joined our team on May 1, 2014 to enable us to better serve and meet the needs, cares and concerns of our families., Born and raised in Woodbridge. he is a 1981 graduate of Amity High Regional School, attended South Central College and in 1987 earned his Associates Degree in Funeral Science from the New England Institute of Applied Arts and Science in Boston. He was a member of the Woodbridge Volunteer Fire Department for 10 years while living in town. John has been active in community organizations: Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, and most recently he has become a member of the Amity Club of New Haven. John has been licensed as a funeral home director and embalmer since 1987and has the upmost compassion and dedication for the families that he is honored and grateful to serve. John resides in the Mt. Carmel section of Hamden with his wife Kris and two children, Nicholas and Gianna.

George Menta Sr., Funeral Director, became affiliated with the funeral home in Spring of 1988. He is a graduate of Amity High School, as well as American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service. He is a licensed funeral director and assists Jimmy with transfers, as well as helping to direct funerals.

George Menta Jr., Funeral Director, is graduate of Amity High School and Briarwood College with a degree in mortuary science. Like his father, he assists Jimmy in transfers, as well as arranging and conducting funerals.

Dick Austin, Funeral Assistant, joined our team in 2001. Formerly an executive with Enron Corporation and Sikorsky, Dick is a jack–of–all–trades that helps our company run smoothly. Dick also greets each family who walks through the door.

Richard “Dick” Smallman, Funeral Assistant, joined our team in 2001. Formerly Chief of the West Haven Fire Department. In addition to being the jack–of–all–trades who helps the company run smoothly, Dick also greets each family who walks through the door.


terry_ferraioloTerry Ferraiolo had been a beloved and most respected member of our “family” for more than 45 years until his sudden death on October 5, 2012. Born in New Haven January 24, 1918, he was married to his cherished Addie for more than 62 years, and their love for one another grew each and every day of their marriage. We continue to miss him dearly, yet his role as a “moral compass” and his love for family, friends and his God remains very much alive in our hearts and in our souls. May His Memory Ever Be For A Blessing.


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Robert E. Shure Funeral Home is the only strictly Jewish Funeral Home in the Greater New Haven area.

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