Our funeral home was founded in 1939 by Robert E. Shure, better known as Bob or Bobby by his oldest friends.

He ran the funeral home on his own until 1975 when his son, Jimmy, joined him and worked with him until Bob’s death in June 1993. During the 54 years of his service to the Greater New Haven Jewish community, Bob was involved in various religious, charitable, civic and communal activities. He received various awards, honors, and citations from the secular and lay community.

Before serving as President, once of Congregation Beth El and once of Beth El Keser Israel, he had the vitally important responsibility, along with his dear friend Paul (Pat) Goodwin, to serve as chairman of it’s building committee which then enabled the synagogue to realize it’s dream of a beautiful structure which now exists at 85 Harrison Street in New Haven. Former New Haven Mayor, Richard C. Lee, appointed Bob to the planning and zoning commission and Former New Haven Mayor, Bartholomew Guida, appointed Bob to the New Haven Library Board of Commissioners.

Bob was dedicated to ensuring the well being of the families who called upon him any hour, day, or night  when his services were needed.  Whether he was serving the families, planning, coordinating, or merely being a shoulder upon which to lean,when needed,he was there,  whether at 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning. And it was this sense of dedication that he instilled in Jimmy very, very early on. Whatever could be done to make a family’s time easier and more bearable must be done without any hesitation or reservation. Actually, this was rather easy for Jimmy to learn having grown up in a household in which there was an extension of the office phone in just about every room, so Jimmy was able to see his father firsthand tending to the well being of families. His dedication, hard work and perseverance extended from his professional life, to personal life, to his community work.

To this day Jimmy, along with his staff, strive to continue in Bob’s footsteps, while continuing to adapt to the needs of families as times change.


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Robert E. Shure Funeral Home is the only strictly Jewish Funeral Home in the Greater New Haven area.

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