What makes a Jewish Funeral Service so special and unique is that it is completely governed by laws and customs dictating RESPECT and SIMPLICITY. Whether it be the care for the deceased or the care shown the suriving mourners, each step we take…each “deep performed” begins with the need to repsect the deceased, even as if he/she were alive, and the mourner, whose life should be made as “easy” as possible. Jewish tradition tells us that “we are all equal in G-d’s eyes,” hence stressing the simplicity attributed to Jewish funeral practices.

At Robert E. Shure Funeral Home we are Jewish Funeral Directors…we are not salesmen. Caskets, all solid wood, metal free, made in a plant which does not operate on the Sabbath, come in all styles, woods, finishes, and price ranges. When we ask families, and usually before, we will suggest as simple a casket with which you are comfortable, and nothing more. This is merely our practice and opinion, and nothing more.


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Robert E. Shure Funeral Home is the only strictly Jewish Funeral Home in the Greater New Haven area.

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