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Service for:
Zina K. Shaffer, 84
June 11, 2017
17 Sivan,5777
June 14, 2017
Graveside Service
11:00 a.m.

B’nai Jacob Memorial Park,200 Wintergreen Ave, New Haven, Ct

May be sent to,The Theatre Development Fund, designated for Autism Theatre Initiative www.tdf.org.

A Period of Mourning will be Observed on Wednesday June 14th  at 625 Pope Island Road, Milford,Ct until 8 p.m.


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Posted by:
Jamie Studley

Zina was a dynamo, an inspiration, and a force of nature. She was my teacher first — she introduced me to the world of financial aid (at a time when every new idea required her to re-model the aid allocation by pencil for 400 aid recipients) and to the joys and challenges of seeking justice, order, and coherence in the administration of The Yale Law School.
And then she became my friend. We had many late night talks about the people who made up that remarkable community and how to care for them, and about our lives. Who can forget her conspiratorial smile and twinkle, her delight when she found a solution to a thorny problem, her heels tapping briskly down ‘deans’ row’ — or her decision to include a bright red sink when she redid her home kitchen?
My sympathies to Zina’s family and friends, and my eternal thanks to Zina for her patience, her generosity and devotion, and her delight in life and service. We miss you, and I’m sorry I did not say good-bye.
Love, Jamie

Posted by:
Guido Calabresi

Dear, dear Zina, was the beloved Registrar while I was dean of the Yale Law School. She was absolutely wonderful. We became close friends, and I will miss her immensely! I am taking the liberty of adding messages I received from three of my Associate Deans from that time, Stephen Yandle, Jamie Studley and Barbara Safriet.

“Thanks for sharing this news. While sad indeed, I can see in my mind’s eye Zina arriving at the Pearly Gates and telling St. Peter, ‘Step aside, I will take care of the processing – I am The Registrar.’” Stephen Yandle.

Jamie Studley wrote, “Perfect, Steve. Zina’s absence left a big hole at the reunion. My memories of her are fond and numerous.”

“Sad news indeed. Zina was a caring friend and an extremely competent colleague, and a pistol of a woman to boot. My fond (and often funny) memories of her will last as long as I do. Hugs to all, Barbara.”
Guido Calabresi
Former Dean, Yale University Law School
Sterling Professor Emeritus and Professorial
Lecturer, Yale University Law School
Senior Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals
For the Second Circuit

Posted by:
Brian Kirschner

I am sad that some of us were not able to speak with her before her passing; however I have faith that we will all meet her again in heaven, and heaven will be the place where we will reunite and share stories again. Aunt Zina will live forever in our hearts.

Posted by:
Steven Kirschner

Rest in Peace and enjoy the family members you will see in heaven. Much love and lovely memories.

Posted by:
Max Martins

Sorry for your loss, Art.

Max & Meg Martins

Posted by:
Jo-Ann Forslund

To all of the Shaffer Family — I am so deeply sorry for your loss and mine. She was a wonderful person to work for, the best in my time. We laughed together and cried together and had many good times together. I will miss her dearly.

Posted by:
Anthony Kronman

“I often joked with Al Klevorick and others, who worked closely with Zina, that she was the indispensable balance wheel in the complicated machine we call the Yale Law School. If it weren’t for Zina, we would have quickly disintegrated into complete anarchy. She kept house for us all. But she did so with a wit and humanity that preserved as much of our happy disorder as anyone could possibly expect. I really loved Zina. She was kind, smart, an inveterate optimist and huge fun to be with–as anyone who ever went to a party with Zina can attest. The years I spent working–and sometimes conspiring–with Zina are now tinted with the glow of a time I shall always remember as one of the happiest in my life. For me, Zina is, and will always be, an essential part of what made that time so special for all of us who had the great good fortune to touch her vibrant spirit.”

Anthony Kronman, Sterling Professor of Law and former Dean, Yale Law School

Posted by:
Carol m Rose

Zina was much loved at Yale Law for her wit, grace and good sense, sometimes under great pressure. She will be much missed by all who knew her.
My deepest condolences to the family.
Carol Rose, Gordon Bradford Tweedy Professor Emerita

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