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Service for:
Stanley Jacobs, 94
December 31, 2020
16 Tevet,5781
January 4, 2021
Private Graveside Service

Beaverdale Memorial Park, Fitch St., Corner of Pine Rock Ave, New Haven.

Memorial contributions can be made to the Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven (jccnh.org), Feeding America (feedingamerica.org), or Animal Haven (theamimalhavenct.org).




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Posted by:
Stephen R Hildrich

Dear Marjorie, Bruce, and Family, I am very sorry to learn of Stan’s passing (just today) and wish to express my sincere sympathy for his loss. He was a fine gentleman, and, of course, outstanding member of the Bar, who had a wonderful life, and with whom I had a very enjoyable and “interesting” relationship for over 20 years as Civil Caseflow Coordinator at New Haven Superior Court.. God bless, Stephen Hildrich, Esq.

Posted by:
Tom Jones

I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jacobs. I have had the good fortune to be friends with his son Bruce for many decades. I think it’s safe to say that the apple did not fall very far from the tree. My condolences to his family and friends. R.I.P. Mr. Jacobs. Tom Jones

Posted by:
Michael Whalen^

Stanley’s life was truly remarkable. His accomplishments in the field of law and
all other aspects of his life provide a lesson for the ages. It was an honor and
pleasure to have known him.

Posted by:
Frank Iezzi

Sad to hear of Stan’s passing. One of the kindest, warmest and most unpretentious people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Don’t know how it started, but my father began teaching Stanley Italian back in the 70’s. They became fast friends and treated us all like family. Despite being from two different social levels, Stan and Marjorie enjoyed our company and frequently invited us into their lives and into their home for dinner and other events. His smile was ever present, disarming and genuine. Never acted as though he had to prove anything to anyone. Friends and colleagues in the legal profession all held the greatest respect for Stanley, and it is easy to understand why. It is said that you can judge a man’s character by how he treats those that cannot directly benefit you.

Amazing how far you can go in life by just being a decent human being.

My condolences and deepest sympathies to Marjorie and the entire Jacobs family

Posted by:
Eugene Skowronski

My sincerest condolences on Stanley’s passing. Although I did not know him well, I did have the honor and privilege of listening in on a number of CTLA Seminars in which Stanley presented himself at. He was a brilliant lawyer and was always willing to share his knowledge and experience especially with his colleagues. His spirit of generosity was remarkable. He was a true renaissance man, loved life and lived it to its fullest. He was one of a kind and will be missed by all. He was an icon.

Posted by:
Muffie Locke

It has been an honor and privilege to have know Stanley. He had a tireless sense of humor and gregarious lovable nature. His love for Margie was without condition. He used to joke with me when I asked him how he was. He went on and on about how Margie beat him up daily, with that Stanley smirk of fun as he whined his “cruel and neglected” fate. I loved it when he told this tale because of that twinkle in his eye, a dead give away that, actually, the opposite was true. Their long life together, and certainly his life, was fed by their love for each other. He always whispered to me that without her he would be lost. He loved his family and his face brightened telling all the latest family tales. Like Howard, Stanley was a force to be reckoned with and although I met him at the end of his active legal practice, I’m so grateful to have seen him in action. Law seemed an art form for him and he was certainly in the right job. Thank you Bruce for sharing him with me.

Posted by:
Robert T. Harrington

As I read the obituary I thought to myself that every word of this is not only true, but probably understates what a great person Stanley was and will continue to be in our memories of him. As a personal aside, in 1970, while attending the Hopkins School, I found myself in contention to win my weight division in our state wrestling department. Both Bruce and Dan were on that team and Stanley took time out from his law practice to personally coach me and other team members pretty much everyday in the two weeks preceding the event. Thanks to Stanley, I won that tournament and I will always be grateful to him for helping me make a dream come true.

Posted by:
Jacque and Ed Paige

What a life! What a great father and friend, I only knew Bud and Marjorie through Bruce and Irene but he was always a dynamo, enthused about life and anyone and anything he met in it. Ed and my thoughts and prayers are with the Jacobs family as they celebrate Bud’s life.

Posted by:
Carl A. Secola Jr.

We have often heard the term “self-made man”. Over the years I have come to understand that none of us are truly self-made. Instead we are all to some degree or another the product of our life experiences and the people we have encountered along the way. Those of us who are especially fortunate have had the opportunity to be guided and helped along life’s journey by a handful exceptional people. For me Stan was one of those people. He was a friend and a mentor. He was always generous with his advice and guidance and he made me a better lawyer and a better person. I hope he is with Howard now and they are sailing around in that first little boat Izzy got them when they were kids. We will miss you Stan May your memory be for a blessing.

Posted by:
Willie Dow

My sincere condolences. Buddy was very important to me when I first joined Jacobs, Jacobs & Grudberg in 1976, providing counsel, advice and, of course, a repertoire of jokes that could loosen up any judicial pretrial. He was generous to me and me family and for that i am grateful. A man who truly enjoyed life.

Posted by:
Susan Rozen

I am so sorry to hear that Buddy has passed. My family always respected him and had only wonderful things to say about him. My best wishes to the family.

Posted by:
James Rozen

I am so sorry about his passing we wish we could be there to celebrate his life but due to covid we can not travel or atend group gatherings our sincere condolences on the loss of stanley to you and the wirld all our best Jim Denise and Elizabeth Rozen

Posted by:



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