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Service for:
Richard Schwartz, 92
October 9, 2017
19 Tishrei, 5778
October 10, 2017
Graveside Service
2:00 p.m.

Mishkan Israel Cemetery, Jewell St, Street, New Haven, Ct.

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Not Yet Determined


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Posted by:
Cousin Gene

Dear Emilie,
I am so personally saddened by the passing of Cousin Red, a truly wonderful and caring person whom I will carry in my heart and mind forever. My thoughts are with you and Doris and I both want to express our condolences to you (which seem insufficient.
Love, Doris & Eugene S Leof

Posted by:
Leland R. S. Torrence

Dear Emilie and Family,
I was so saddened to read of Richard’s passing in the Register. I so enjoyed the years we worked on the family residence in Woodmont. I loved his sense of humor and endlessly inquisitive mind. What is more, I have never read or pondered the Declaration of Independence since our meeting in 2000 to look at restoring and doing preservation work at “Salisport” without an image of Red in my mind. My heart and best wishes are with you. I recommend a reading and a poem, Tis a Fearful Thing, Yehuda HaLevi, 12th century and Death Is Nothing At All by Henry Scott-Holland.
Your Servant and Friend to the Family,
Leland Torrence

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