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Rabbi Albert Feldman, 93 Funeral Services will Be Strictly Private for Family Only.
January 9, 2022
7 Shevat,5782
January 10, 2022

Jerusalem, Israel




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Posted by:
Rachel and Morris statlender

Dear Estlle , Cherryl and Aakicia
We were saddened to hear about the death of Rabbi Feldman . The Rabbi has been a part of my family ,our lives since 1950’s
Rabbi Feldman also married us in 1990 and we will remember him forever???and miss him
May you never know sorrow
Our condolences..
The Statlender family

Posted by:
Barbara Zalesch

I’d also like to express my condolences to Estelle, Sheryl, Alisa and the rest of the Feldman mishpacha! One memory I have was just reinforced when I read the note my son had left here about Rabbi Feldman’s encouragement of the youth in our community. When we moved to New Haven in early 1983 my children were 6, 3 and 1, and became regular shul-goers (my son only after the Eruv was constructed a year or so later). One Sunday morning my husband was at services and some of the older attendees were complaining about noise that children (not mine, of course!!) made in shul on Shabbat. Rabbi Feldman was adamant that children belong in shul, and if there’s a problem it’s with the parents, NOT the children! As my children got older we were involved with NCSY and realized Rabbi Feldman’s great participation and encouragement of that youth organization, which benefited all of my children immensely.

Posted by:
Willa and Howard Needler

Rabbi Feldman’s passing is not only a sad event for all members, past and present, of the Westville Synagogue community. It marks the end of an era that saw a plan for the union of three small shuls burgeon into a great synagogue that became a central pillar of Orthodox Jewish life in New Haven under Rabbi Feldman’s leadership. He will be sorely missed and lamented, but never forgotten.

Posted by:
Steven Roth

To the Feldman Family;

My sincere condolences for the loss of Rabbi Feldman. Rabbi Feldman was a very big part of my family’s lives. I still remember studying for my Bar Mitzvah lessons with the Rabbi- and how he made it so informal and friendly.
My parents Eugene and Shirley had great respect and used to look forward to their social interactions with Rabbi and Estelle.
May Rabbi Feldman’s memory be a a blessing for everyone

Robyn and Steven Roth

Posted by:
Stuart Miller

To the family of Rabbi Albert Feldman,
My mother, Martha Schwartz, became upset when she found out that my future bride, Sue, was blind. Our rabbi in Los Angeles (we met at a synagogue singles group) wrote a letter to Rabbi Feldman, telling him about Sue; how wonderful she was and would not be a burden to me. Rabbi Feldman spoke to my mother and allayed many of her fears. My mother came around to accepting Sue as my wife and we have been married for 41 years. This is just one of reasons that Sue and I are very sorry for your loss. Rabbi Feldman’s memory will be a blessing for all that knew him.

Posted by:
Ben Trachten


I am so sorry for your loss. His humility, kindness, caring, generosity, and love have profoundly changed me and so many others. I hope you find comfort in his immense impact over decades. His spirit lives on in everyone he touched.

Posted by:
Linda Roth

Dear Mrs Feldman, Cheryl and Alissa and all your children grandchildren and great grandchildren,

I just wanted to reach out to you to let you all know how broken hearted I am for you all.

Your family has experienced way too much loss in the past year.

I’m sending you guys a virtual hug and letting you know Just how much I and my father, mother and brother appreciated your family in our lives as I was growing up.

Did you know in the month before she passed away the only person my mom wanted to speak to by phone was Estelle Feldman. To say that our family loved the Feldmans was an understatement!

Rabbi Feldman was the solid honorable center of our Jewish life in new Haven. He and Mrs Feldman our beloved Rebbetzin created a bastion of Torah and a warm shabbos experience for us that gave us an anchor to our Judaism which lasted many many years to come.

Your loss is also our loss.
Your sadness is also our sadness
I couldn’t let his passing go
Without comment
Without attempting to honor him
Without trying to send you,, words of comfort and encouragement.

May his neshama be raised
May he have an easy transition into the next world
May he be honored by all of your good and charitable kind deeds
May you and your children be comforted.

May HaShem bless you
Much love

Linda Roth

Posted by:
esther lerer

My dearest Cheryl, Fred, Alisa and families,
Baruch Dayan Haemet.

The loss of your beloved father Rabbi Feldman, z”l is a loss to klal yisrael. An exceptional husband, wonderful father, loving grandfather and adored great grandfather, you all were his greatest jewels. A brilliant scholar and Rabbi for over 50 years in New Haven, Ct – his reach has been to tens of thousands of individuals , peers and scholars and of course all of you his incredible family who experienced his kindness, warmth, love, guidance and teachings. He was a pure soul “eish tamim” whose life’s experiences taught him so much and he was able to impart those wisdoms to all those blessed and fortunate to know him.

The world lost a GIANT -and you a man whose love for his wife and family was his biggest joy and pride. Our hearts mourn his passing alongside you while you honor him with the greatest zechut of being laid to rest in his beloved homeland Eretz Yisrael. Many angels will accompany his great neshama to the Gates of Gan eden where he will no longer be in pain and can smile with immense pride as he sees his beautiful family and wonderful legacy before him. May you know he’s always inside you, the spark that ignites you to follow in his great and large footsteps and looking out for you always. With saddened hearts and great love and admiration for you all, Esther (Nagel) and Paul Lerer May his memory always be a blessing. He will be very missed and ALWAYS remembered with love .

Posted by:
Susan and Peter Rogol

Our sincere condolences to Rebbitzin Feldman and the extended Feldman family. Our fond memories include his presiding at our marriage at Westville Synagogue over 30 years ago. By the heartfelt words we heard today, we can say that his devotion to the Synagogue and the New Haven Jewish community appears to be superseded only by his devotion to his family, the Jewish people as a whole, Yiddishkeit and Hashem, Himself. May his soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life.

Posted by:
Curtiss J Pulitzer

Dear Cheryl,
I was so saddened to learn of your Dad’s untimely passing. Rella and I just watched the funeral service from New Haven. I know you are heading to Israel for the burial. May you, your Mom and sister and entire family be spared further sorrow and may the beautiful memories you have of your father give you nechama.

Posted by:
Betty & Arthur Levy

Dear Estelle, Cheryl, Alisa aand Family;
Please accept our condolences on the passing of your beloved husband and father as well as our beloved Rabbi for so many years. We have been a member of the Shul that your father founded ever since our arrival in New Haven in 1971. Rabbi Feldman was our Rabbi, our teacher, our mentor and our friend. He was there for us for our simchot, such as Ber/Bat Mitzvahs and weddings as well as for our times of sorrow. He officiated at our father’s funeral, which was not so easy as it was in NYC on the afternoon of Taanit Esther and he had to be back in New Haven for Megillah reading.
May his memory be a blessing!
Sincerely, Betty & Arthur Levy

Posted by:
Rella Feldman

Dear Cheryl, Alisa and family,
I am deeply sorry to hear of the passing of your beloved, esteemed Father. We always enjoying hearing his divrei Torah and conversations through our many years of visits in Jerusalem for the Chagim. He was an important rabbinic figure and the family patriarch, a man to whom everyone turned. May his memory be an everlasting blessing. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him. With love and sympathy, Rella and Curtiss and family

Posted by:
Mimi and Emanuel besner

Very dear Cheril, so sorry for your loss. ??? ???? ??? ???? love, Mimi and Emanuel

Posted by:
Laura & Howard Bloom

Our deepest condolences to Rabbi Feldman’s family. He was a sincere and devoted Rabbi to the Westville community. May the family be comforted amongst the mourners of Zion & Jerusalem.

Posted by:
Sherry Izak

Cheryl, I’m so deeply sorry for your and your family and the world’s great loss of your beloved father z”l. May his memory be a blessing and may you get some comfort knowing how many people feel for you.

Posted by:
Abbi Halpern

I am very sorry for you loss. Your father was a wonderful man. Love,
Abbi Halpern

Posted by:
Herman & Debby Lurie

It is with deep sorrow that we want to convey to the Feldman family our heartfelt condolences.
Rabbi Feldman has been a part of my life since he first came to New Haven. He was instrumental in my becoming a part of NCSY. He was part of all of our family’s life cycles, birth, bar/bat mitzvah, weddings,and funerals.There are too many stories to recollect here, but one I’ll mention is how much I enjoyed learning Gemora with him on Shabbos afternoons. I would walk home with Rabbi Feldman on Friday nights and in his later years I was privileged to be able to drive him home after Shabbos. When I was a past President of the Shul, Rabbi Feldman was always there to guide me when I needed his advice. Not just his family, but the entire community has suffered a great loss.
Rabbi Feldman was part of a great era, which has now come to a close. Yehi Zichro Baruch

Posted by:
Stanley Dalnekoff

As a past president of the Westville synagogue I was privileged to work closely with Rabbi Feldman for a number of years. During that time, we developed a warm personal relationship and friendship. Although I and my family have been living in Israel for the past seven years, not a week has gone by when the Rabbi and I did not speak to each other on the telephone. From now on there will be a hole in my week which will never be filled.

Although a man of strong principles from which he never wavered he had a deep understanding of human nature and was always available to help anyone in need. I found his Jewish knowledge to be remarkable and I continued to go to him with my questions even after I was no longer living in New Haven. I always found him to be a staunch defender of the State of Israel. I will also miss his sense of humor and ability to share a joke.

The Jewish community of New Haven owes a deep debt of gratitude to Rabbi Feldman. He, ably assisted by Estelle, built a thriving synagogue virtually from scratch. And although demographics has seen a decline in the size of the Jewish community one should never forget that at its height almost 1000 members attended the Westville synagogue on the high holidays.

Donna and my family join me in extending our deepest sympathy to Estelle and the family.
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Posted by:
Helena and Marvin Goldstein

We are so very sad to hear of the news of the Petirah of our beloved Rabbi, Rabbi Albert Feldman , AH. Rabbi Feldman was a good friend to our parents, Michael and Sonja Deutsch, AH. We will always hear Rabbi Feldman’s voice in our minds and in our hearts , and remember his kindness, wisdom, and warmth . May Rabbi Feldman be a gitteh beitter for his family and for Klal Yisrael. Helena ( Deutsch) and Marvin Goldstein and family

Posted by:
Carla Abel Levinson

My deepest condolences and thanks for sharing Rabbi Feldman with all of us for so many years. Rabbi was such a part of our lives: helping our father from the very beginning of his business and then my sister, working together with Mrs. Feldman to welcome our mother into the community and Judaism when she converted, baby namings, bat mitzvahs, suggesting I apply to Emory and then helping me when I took on the role of Hillel President, officiating my wedding, and helping us through the deaths of both of our parents. Rabbi will be so missed by the Abel family and by so many, many others.

Posted by:
Adena Greenberg

I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Rabbi Feldman.
My fondest memory of Rabbi Feldman (aside from officiating my wedding) is of his yearly Simchat Torah tradition of standing, straddled on 2 metal chairs singing with so much ruach that his face turned red/purple.
Every Simchat Torah I think of this and remember how happy everyone was at that moment.
To the entire family, I am thinking of you and sending virtual support at this time.

Posted by:
Claudia & David Freyle

Our deepest condolences, may Hashem give you the strength to withstand this difficult time with your loss

Posted by:
David Fischer

Baruch dayan haemet. Rabbi Feldman was a man of strong principles and vast knowledge. He was so welcoming to us when we moved across the street in Westville. I always looked forward to our walk home together from shul on Friday night, together with Kurt. He will be terribly missed – they don’t make rabbis like that anymore. Min hashamayim tinuchamu.
David and Tanya Fischer and Family

Posted by:
Leib Zalesch

My sincerest condolences are with your family at this time. Rabbi Feldman meant so much to the community and to me personally. I remember when I began to come to Shul regularly as a teenager, he took it upon himself to personally drive me home every day. What a meaningful gesture and a statement of the importance of the youth of the Shul to him. I could share so many recollections, but this was what first came to my mind today. An unforgettable man. Yihi Zichro Baruch.
– Leib Zalesch

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