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Service for:
Liora Lew, 59
June 23, 2020
1 Tammuz, 5780
June 24, 2020
Graveside Service
12:00 Noon

B’nai Jacob Memorial Park, 200 Wintergreen ave, New Haven, CT

Not yet Determined



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Posted by:
Diana Kenny

Dear Yaron, Daphne, Dana and Maya,
I’m saddened to hear of Liora’s passing. May happy memories carry each of you through the days.
Peace be with you,
Diana Kenny

Posted by:
Tikva Shapiro

At the end of my message I wrote in Hebrew – Yehi zichra baruch – May her memory be blessed.
I am sorry it came out as question marks.

Posted by:
Tikva Shapiro

Dear Yaron, Dafne, Dana, and Maya,
My deepest condolences on the passing of Liora. Words become mute in the presence of your loss and pain, but I hope they can reach across and give some consolation.
Liora always greeted me with a smile and genuine interest. In all our brief conversations she made me feel welcome. Maybe that is why, without planning I asked her in a chance meeting two years ago, if she will be willing to tell a children story at the Israelis In CT Hebrew Book Festival. To my surprise she said yes on the spot and added she will be happy to do it. It was a great success and both children and adults enjoyed her storytelling. Liora also donated a lot of books – a testimony to her love of reading. So abruptly, the story of her life was cut short… how unfair and sad.
May your memories and love support you at this difficult time and help you celebrate her life.

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Posted by:
Dawn Sideleau

Dear Yaron. Maya, Dayna, And Daphne,
I came into work today at YNHH and was so saddened to hear about the passing of Liora. I worked and shared an office with her at YNHH for over 1 year. We had many good laughs. I could see immediately when I first met her what a loving and kind person she was- a great social worker also that really cared about her patients. . She always talked about all of you and how proud she was. I will forever remember her kind words and beautiful smile. My deepest sympathy to all of you in this difficult time.

Posted by:
Jane Hartigan

Dear Yaron,Maya, Dayna and Daphne,
I worked with Liora at the SBHC for many years. Over that time she became a great friend. She did amazing work with the students who were going through difficult times in their lives, always advocating for them.She also was there to lend an ear to any of us staff members.
I was fortunate to stay in touch with her after she left the SBHC, meeting for dinner a few times a year with the rest of the SBHC staff. It was always fun hearing about how her beautiful girls were doing and what wonderful things she was doing up at Yale New Haven. Always selfless. She will be missed so much by so may.She was a true gift to this earth.We will all keep her alive in the wonderful memories we have.My thoughts and prayers will be forever with you.

Posted by:
Bonnie Pachesa

Dear Yaron, Maya, Dayna and Daphne,
It breaks my heart to have to express my condolences at the passing of such a vibrant and kind mother, wife, friend, professional. I’d run into Liora from time to time (at Stop and Shop of course) and we’d stand in the aisle – catching up as she told me about her girls. She was so proud of all of you! My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Sending hugs,
Bonnie Pachesa

Posted by:
Denise Parent

I was so sorry to see notice of Liora’s passing. I worked with her in the school based health center in Stratford. She was truly a force, incredibly strong and vibrant. How heartbreaking to lose her. My deepest sympathy to her family, who she treasured, and all the friends, coworkers and patients she readily lifted up with great devotion.

Posted by:
Suzanne McDonnell

Dearest Yaron, Maya, Dana and Daphne,
My boys and I were so saddened to hear of Leora’s passing. I thought immediately of a chance meeting we had at the karate studio when Dana was learning the Arts and I was picking up Laura’s son Quinn. We ran into each other, infant carriers in our hands, holding Maya and Matteo who were born just a few weeks apart. It had been likely 3 years since we’d been at Abiyoyo together, but Leora made it feel as no time had passed. Always so kind and so direct. I am grateful to have known her a bit and grateful too for Rabbi Tilton’s words. My family sends our our heartfelt sympathy and prayers for comfort to you.
Much love, Suzanne, Dylan and Matteo

Posted by:
Laura Pirie

Dear Yaron, Daphne, Dana and Maya,
My family and I are so very, very sorry for your loss. Our families go back to our years at Abiyoyo when the children were small and lots of life lay ahead of us. Liora was warm and thoughtful – always kind, always generous, always understanding. Her eyes sparkled with deep wisdom – and what seemed a sense of unwavering purpose. Reading her beautiful eulogy, I now understand her spirit even more.
With all of our love and support to you through this difficult time,
Laura Pirie and children, Quinn, Aiden, and Kira Turlington.

Posted by:
Donna Watkins

To Liora’s Family
I met Liora six months ago when I joined Smilow. Liora was an inspirational part of my growth and a role model of how we all should give of ourselves. Her warmth & caring will be embedded in my heart forever

Donna Watkins

Posted by:
Lynn Tordo

To Liora’s Family,
I was blessed to have met Liora when I was a patient at Smilow. She was a very caring and compassionate woman. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Posted by:
Judy Eisenberg

Yaron and family, I was was deeply saddened to hear of Liora’s death. Although I did not know her well, we were colleagues and our paths crossed a few times over the years I have lived and practiced social work in CT. She was my kind of social worker: grounded, direct, practical and all about real life as it is lived by real people. She supervised one of my current staff when she was an intern, and made a tremendous impression, inspiring my staff person in so many ways. I regret not having had the opportunity to know Liora better, but through the rabbi’s eulogy and the many loving comments and memories shared below I am sure my sense of the person she was is accurate. May her memory bless and comfort you always.

Posted by:
Marisol Sanchez-Moycik

To Liora’s family,
There are no adequate words to express the sadness felt after receiving news of her passing. Though it may be of little comfort now, you have an abundance of friends to help in any way they can as you learn to navigate life without Liora.
Her memory will always live in the heart of all those who knew her. Our condolences. Sincerely, Moycik Family

Posted by:
Michal Niremberg

Dear Yaron, Daphne, Dana and Maya
I am so sorry to hear about Liora. Liora has been my good friend since childhood. As a child and as an adult Liora was such a warm special person. I always loved her warm welcoming voice and laughter. My deepest condolences to you.

Posted by:
Eileen Dehm

Liora was a kind, loving and giving person . She will be missed by so many . I am so deeply sorry for your loss.

Posted by:
Donna Palmer

I am heartbroken to hear of Liora’s passing. I had the pleasure of working with and knowing Liora for many years at YNHH. She would stop by my office and always took time for a quick chat that was always accompanied by her sweet smile. Her dedication to her patients and passion for her work was extensive. The love for her family – immeasurable. I am grateful for having the time to know her. Rest easy Liora. Prayers and love to her family.

Posted by:
Doron and Sharon Dagan

Dear Yaron, Daphne, Danna and Maya, so so sorry to hear of your awful loss. We are thinking of you and wanted to send our condolences. We fondly remember all the great times and holidays we spent together when our children were young.
With love, Sharon and Doron

Posted by:
Matan Arie

Yaron, Daphne, Dana, and Maya,
We are heartbroken. Liora was a wonderful, loving person who I’ll think of often and miss always. She was a great friend to my mother and like an aunt to me. During the past day my mind has wandered through many sweet memories of Liora. Always kind, empathetic, and caring. She was never without humor.

The beautiful words people have written here are a testament to the fact that she left a strong positive effect on those around her, as an deliberate part of her like’s work, but also unintentionally, by simply being herself.

Thank you for being a part of our lives Liora. Thank you for many tiny moments of attention, patience, kindness, and love. I miss you.

Matan and Chen Arie

Posted by:
Yanir Pesok

Yaron and Family

My condolences on your recent loss, may her memories will guide you and your family through those sad and difficult times.

Yanir Pesok

Posted by:
Ilana (Levine) Seidmann

I was devastated to hear that your beautiful mom passed away. I am deeply, deeply sorry. Your mom was always so kind, sweet, and vibrant. It is so unfair that this has happened to such wonderful, intelligent, thoughtful and young person. I have wonderful memories of her at BEKI and working with her on your Bat Mitzvah tutoring. You and your family are truly in my thoughts. May your mom’s memory forever be a blessing.

Posted by:
Coby & Suzy Ben-Chitrit

Yaron, Daphne, Dana and Maya, we were so heartbroken to hear about Liora’s passing and wanted to send you our deepest condolences. Liora was a beautiful person inside and out. She was always so warm and welcoming. She had a beautiful smile that lit up the room. Know that the world is a better place because she was in it. She will truly be missed. We wish we could do something, anything, to offer even the smallest bit of comfort to you during this time. We wish this was different times where we could hug you and be with you. Please know we are here for you and the girls. Our thoughts, prayers, and love are with you. May all the wonderful memories you hold dear to your heart help you get through this dark time. May her memory be a comfort and a blessing.
Love, Coby & Suzy

Posted by:
Cheryl Corso

I was deeply saddened to hear of Liora’s passing. My heart and prayers are with you. It was a pleasure to know her as a friend and a privilege to work with her as a colleague. I am so glad I had the chance to have known her.

Posted by:
Orli Pinsberg

Dear Daphne and family,
We are deeply saddened to hear of Liora’s passing. We are keeping you in our thoughts and sending our condolences. We are certain that positive memories of your mother will stay with you.

Orli, Rami, and Chani

Posted by:
Diane Dirzius

It was an honor for me to work with Liora and facilitate our support group together. She was able to provide so much support and loving kindness to all the patients she came in contact with. She gave me strength and helped me see things more clearly. Her patients will always remember her kindness and her advocacy for them. I will miss her smile and our conversations. She has left a footprint on my heart and I will always be grateful to have had her in my life. I wish you comfort and peace through the loving memories you will always hold in your hearts.

Posted by:
Gaby Szteinberg

Dear Lew Family,
I am a friend of Daphne’s from St. Louis. I am so sorry for your loss. May Liora’s memory always be a blessing. Knowing Daphne, I can only imagine the amazing and kind person Liora was. Sending you all lots of love!

Posted by:
Nora Rightmer

I am deeply saddened at the loss of Liora. My heartfelt condolences to you all as you try to cope with her untimely passing. She will be remembered by so many for all that she has done to be a righteous advocate for all. I cherished her as a colleague and friend. I was blessed to have her in my life. My you take comfort in knowing how much she was loved by all and how much she loved you.

Posted by:

Dear Yaron Daphne, Maya and Dana
I was so sorry to here about Liora leaving this world. She was my best amazing cousin and super helpful and lively person.
You were lucky to experience her for all this years and she will stay with us in spirit.

Posted by:
Bonnie Indeck

Dear Yaron, Dana, Daphne and Maya,
Heartfelt condolences on your tragic loss. Liora was a pleasure to know and to work with – she was so skilled and compassionate. She will be greatly missed by all who she came in contact with – patients, families and staff alike. We had so many good conversations throughout the years and we shared so many stories – Her smile and warmth lit up a room – her laughter contagious….
May your strength and faith comfort you now – and always.
Baruch Dayan Ha’emet
With love,Bonnie

Posted by:
Irwin Braverman

Our deepest condolences to you and your family. We will always remember the warmth and gracious hospitality that Liora and you showed us when you invited us to celebrate the Holydays with you. May her memory be a blessing.
Irwin Braverman and Marian Wexler

Posted by:
Roger Colten and family

We are very sad to hear of Liora’s passing. She welcomed us into the BEKI community and was a good friend. She helped Sarah be a calmer parent, and she will miss running into her at the hospital. We are thinking of you, Yaron, Dana, Daphne, and Maya.
Her memory will be for a blessing.
Roger, Sarah, Talia, Marcia, and Reuben

Posted by:
The Braverman Family

Yaron, Daphne, Dana, and Maya. We will miss Liora and her kindness, smiles, and love. She was like a second mom to Yael when she was little and all of you were like her second family. We enjoyed so many holidays with all of you and there will be a huge missing piece during our future times together. We are thinking of you all during this most difficult time, and we are sending you our love.

Posted by:

Missing my colleague at Smilow Cancer Hospital. I can’t believe she is gone..

Posted by:
Allison montaigne

We are heartbroken. Liora was a beautiful, warm and kind woman. We loved sharing many happy occasions together and we have no words that would even begin to explain our sadness. We send our love and our thoughts are with Yaron, Daphne, Dan and Maya. Her love and kindness will never be forgotten and we will always carry that love in our hearts.

Posted by:
Lisa McGuinness

I am so sorry for your loss – Liora was loved by everyone and not only was she a great person but she was an excellent social worker who loved helping her patients. My heart is broken and I will miss her everyday

Posted by:
Jennifer Kapo

Dear Yaron and family,

I am so sorry for your loss. I will miss Liora greatly…her warmth, kindness and compassion. I am thinking of you and your family.


Posted by:
Michael Barone

Dearest Yaron and Family,
I am truly heartbroken over Liora’s passing. My very deepest sympathy and most heartfelt condolences to you. I was lucky enough to have interacted with her several times at BEKI and feel blessed to have done so. If there is any possible way that I could be of service to you during this time of grief please don’t hesitate to ask
Much love to you and family,
Michael Barone

Posted by:
Melanie and Jimmy Wolf

Dear Yaron and Daughters;
We were so sad to learn of the loss of Liora. We remember her as a vibrant and outgoing woman with a heart of gold and a big smile. She loved to share her pride in her daughters’ accomplishments, and rightly so.

Posted by:
Alon Solomon

Dear Yaron and family,
So sorry for your loss, and thinking of you and your family.
Our deepest condolences to hear about Liora.
Anat and Alon Solomon

Posted by:
Melissa Adames

Yaron & Girls
I was deeply saddened to hear of Liora passing. I am very sorry for your loss and sorrow during this very difficult time. She is no longer suffering she is now at peace resting with God. I pray that you will carry her memories with you the rest of your life, and that you all find Peace in her memory. God Bless you all, and my thought & prayers are with you all, Melissa

Posted by:
Heidi Sorensen

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Lioras passing. She was a respected colleague, a fierce advocate for her patients, always kind and with a beautiful smile and laugh. My deepest condolences to her family.

Posted by:
O Tina Rose

To the entire Lew Family,
I am so sorry for your loss. Liora was an amazing person with such a heart, strength and wit.
We will truly miss her. May her memory be for a blessing.
We tried to stream the service but it didn’t work.
Thinking of you.
Seth & Tina

Posted by:
Sascha van Creveld

Dear Yaron, Daphne, Daena, and Maya,

Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the passing of Liora, your wife and mother.

I have many fond memories of Liora. How she was always interested in what I was doing, being kind and supportive to everyone, and you all hosting us for shabbes dinners.

May her memory be for a blessing.

Posted by:
Jerald Debrosky

We knew her as patients through the Yale caregivers group. She was loving, helpful and compassionate. She will truly be missed.
Our sympathies to family and friends.
Carole and Jerry Debrosky

Posted by:
Debbie Brunson

Yaron, Daphne, Dana and Maya,
My heart breaks for you. Liora was an amazing person And warm person. She will truly be missed by all who knew and loved her. Hold onto your precious memories. Love Debbie

Posted by:
Bella Hazzan

Dearest Yaron,

Ray and I are beyond saddened to hear the news of Liora’s passing. Please know our thoughts, prayers, and love are with you and the rest of the family. We are so sorry that you lost the love of your life much earlier than it should have been.

May her memory be a comfort and a blessing to all of you,
With love, Aunt Bella

Posted by:
Anat Solomon

Our deepest condolences for your huge loss.
May you cherish all the good memories.

Posted by:
Lana Gad

Heartbroken to hear of Liora’s passing. Our sincere condolences to Yaron and family. Wishing you all ‘Long Life’ health and peace.

Posted by:
Ivan Alvarez

Our deepest condolences to Yaron and the rest of the family. We will always remember her welcoming, warm and friendly smile.
Cyndi and Ivan

Posted by:
Murray and Barbara Akresh

We send our sympathy and condolences to Yaron and family. May you always have good memories

Posted by:
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Posted by:
Revital Catriel

So sorry to hear about Liora. She was a beautiful person. Sending love and healing energy to all the family ??

Posted by:
Gayle Stanley

My condolences to the family of Liora .She was such a nice helpful person. She will be missed by me and my other cancer group members. I pray that god strengthen the family during this time. Prayers and blessings.

Posted by:
Susan Faraone

My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Liora. Liora and the transplant team have worked together for several years now. Her kindness, patience, expertise and friendship will always be cherished. We will miss her dearly.

Posted by:
Kati Hirsch

Dear Yaron, Daphne Danna and Maya, We want to hug you and we are with you in your big sorrow. We will never forget our darling Liora. She will remain in our thoughts and heart forever.
Kati and Gabi

Posted by:
Paula Braverman

We were so saddened to hear about Liora’s passing and wanted to you send our deepest condolences. We will always fondly remember the times we spent with her and your family during the holidays and other occasions over the years.

Paula Braverman and Larry Bauman

Posted by:
Michael Glendon

I am saddened and shocked with the news of Liora’s passing. I worked with her at Yale New Haven Hospital. She was always a strong advocate for her patients. Her kindness, caring nature, and laughter will be missed. Deepest sympathy to her family and friends

Posted by:
Rose Mixon

Yaron , My heart is very heavy and sad for your loss. Liora Will always be in my thoughts and prayers. What a great coworker and know that She has helped many patients over the years get through hard times a little better. She has made such a great impact on so many lives that her work will live forever in the lives that she has touched. She has touched my life as well and I will be forever grateful!

Posted by:
Rich Koski

Our deepest sympathy to you and your family. May God grant you comfort and consolation in this time of great sadness. Memory Eternal!
Rich & Laura Koski

Posted by:
Patrick King

Yaron, I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Liora. I always enjoyed talking with her and looked forward to seeing her again. I hope you and your daughters are doing ok.
Patrick King

Posted by:
Georgette Dadoun

Dear Yaron, Dana, Daphné and Maya.
Miro and I (now n Israel, then in Woodbridge CT, ), are heartbroken by the passing of Liora. Such an incredible smart, caring, positive and kind, to say only a few about her.
Our deepest condolences for this horrible loss. Such a beautiful woman with an amazing soul. May you find comfort and strength to cope with this loss. She will be in the heart of anyone who knew her for ever.

Georgette and Miro

Posted by:
Shira Kostika

In Hebrew I wrote: May God protect her beautiful soul and hasten hen entry to heaven. I am sorry it published otherwise.

Posted by:
Shira Kostika

To the Lew Family,

I am deeply sorry for your loss. Liora was a vibrant, incredibly kind, thoughtful, fun-loving and warm mother, wife, aunt, friend and human. She was also a mentor to so many, a listening ear, a fabulous shopper, a deep-belly laugher, a friendly smile and so many more wonderful attributes were hers. Best of all was her ability to gather her loved ones around her with empathy and openess.
We are all heartbroken by the news, and wish we could do anything to offer even the smallest bit of comfort during this time. I wish this was a year where we could hug you and let you know we are there for you, should you need us. Please know we are here, and ??????? ????? ?? ????? ?? ?????? ?”?, ????? ?? ?????? ?? ?????? ??? ???, ???

With deep love and gratitude for having been a part of her life,

Shira, Jared and Emmett Factor

Posted by:
Diane Viveiros

So very very sad to have lost Liora, to have her leave all of us much too soon is so difficult to understand… As a colleague at work, she was a source of strength, compassion and courage not just for her patients but also for her coworkers … it was clear to me that the source of all the best in her was her love for her family and her deep faith…. always her face would light up as she spoke with pride and joy about her family… here in the states and in Israel…. I will miss her greatly and hold her and you all in my heart and prayers

Posted by:
Lenore Hammers

I am shocked and saddened to learn of Liora’s passing. I worked with her at Yale New Haven Hospital. She was always passionate about her patients, thoughtful in all her interactions. Many prayers and condolences to her family at this devastating time.

Posted by:
Irene Scanlon

I had the good fortune to work with Liora. Her kindness , caring and positive energy was evident to everyone who knew her. I am saddened by the news.

Posted by:
Rachel statlender

I can’t believe that i have to write Liora name in past . I am sad and devastated!!!
Our condolences to all the family I loved her always there to help and so friendly .it is hard to think that I won’t see her in meeting or some event that we share . Send you a big hug
May you never know sorrow !!????? ????

Posted by:
Kate Reynolds

Dear Yaron, Dana, Daphne, and Maya,

I am a better person for having known Liora and will always treasure the memories of watching our daughters grow through high school and trading updates on their latest adventures in Stop ‘n Shop or getting pedicures. I will hold onto her joyfulness and compassion for others. Much love to all of you during this difficult time.

Posted by:
Lee and Linda Schumacher

We are very saddened by this horrible loss. She was always extremely caring, supportive and interested in how we were doing and what she could do to help us. She was a special human being. Our prayers are with her family.

Posted by:
Naftali Kaminski

Our deepest condolences! Liora was an amazing person! Her positive attitude, dedication & warmth will always be with her!
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Posted by:
Susanne Lee-Baldassini

Liora’s generous and loving presence in the lives of many will be dearly missed by all that had the pleasure to know her. Deepest sympathy to family and friends.

Posted by:
Jan Lenkoski-Mueller

Liora was so generous, kind, and a compassionate clinician. I had the privilege of working with her closely at YNHH and will truly miss her. She touched all of us at the hospital and there will be an huge void without her. Hugs to her grieving family

Posted by:
Mary Strauss

Liora was an incredibly intelligent, kind, amazing woman who I was blessed to know. She made an important difference in so many patient’s and coworker’s lives. We wish Yarone, Dana, Daphne & Maya peace during this difficult time. The world is a better place because of Mrs. Liora Lew.

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