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Service for:
Dr. Robert Lebson, 80
February 13, 2019
8 Adar 1, 5779
February 17, 2019
Cong. Mishkan Israel. 785 Ridge Rd. Hamden, CT
12:00 Noon

Will Be Private

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Doctors Without Borders and the Public Broadcasting Service. (PBS)

Shiva will be observed Sunday from 3:00 to 7:00 pm and Monday from 5:00 to 9:00 pm at 40 Eaton Woods Road in Hamden.


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Posted by:
Annette and Arnie Levine

Condolences from North Carolina. Not only was Bob our mother’s doctor when she was at the Jewish Home, but he was our dear friend for many years when we lived in Orange. He helped us to understand what was happening as our mother’s Alzheimer’s progressed. He helped make her last years manageable and dignified. He was an angel.
Our heartfelt condolences to his wife and sons.

Posted by:
The Barucca Family

Dr. Lebson was our family doctor for many years, we truly missed him when he retired. He was a very special doctor, one of a kind. He was an incredible listener and showed such genuine care. He always took the time for thoughtful consultation and detailed follow up. It was clear that we, as his patients, were so important to him. We will always remember his compassionate ways, he holds a special place in our hearts. Our condolences to the entire family, we are saddened to hear of his passing and are so sorry for your loss.

Posted by:
Rose Stockman

Dr. Lebson was a wonderful man and a wonderful doctor. He was my doctor as well as my elderly mother and father. I work in the medical field and Dr. Lebson was a special doctor who I had total faith and confidence in.
Sincere condolences on your loss.

Posted by:
Laurence Knoll

Bob was a highly respected colleague who will be missed by all who knew him. We extend our deepest condolences.
Larry and Jackie Knoll

Posted by:
Robert S. Kissel

June 22, 1978, well over forty years ago, was my initial consultation with Dr. Lebson, who cared for me until he closed his practice several years ago, and then, again, for a short time, when he returned to work again for a year or so, and I learned he was in practice again.

I am very grieved to learn that this greatest of compassionate healers has left us at last. He really was quite the dinosaur, as I often joked with him–a trip back in a time machine to when ones family doctor was like part of ones family. There are so many stories I could tell that could illustrate the depth of his compassion and his vocation as a doctor…

But what I always told everybody is that, whereas, in MOST doctor’s waiting rooms, you’d see, prominently displayed, all sorts of tiresome policies concerning INSURANCE companies . . . when you waited for Dr. Lebson, up on the wall, there was the HIPPICRATIC OATH, in both English translation, and the original Greek!

One almost feels like reciting that, along with the Kaddish, when it comes to Dr. Lebson. He really lived that oath, all of his life.

And I hope his family, in their grief over losing him, know that the news is travelling quickly now, among the many, many, many others who regarded their family doctor as “family”–and we are all grieving along with all of you.

–Robert S. Kissel, Hamden

Posted by:
Thomas A. Schomaker

From a patient of Dr. Lebson written upon his retirement:

Dear Dr. Lebson (aka “World’s Best Doctor”),

We all live upon the hope of pleasing somebody. The pleasure of pleasing ought to be greatest when our endeavors are exerted in the consequence of our duties. I never quit your company but perceived myself wiser, better, healthier than before my visit. I am gratified with admiration for your healing powers. I also recognize that you and Karen always went beyond the most rigid standards; giving us comfort.

You are equally eminent for your virtues and abilities, and at once beloved as a companion and revered as a Doctor. The general curiosity you exhibited, to which no kind of knowledge was indifferent or superfluous, enabled us to express our ideas candidly, ennobling the whole healing experience. Your kind regards and generosity at our weakest moments gave us the strength to rally.

The hearts you have touched and the hands you have reached out to will gain you immortality, as no act of goodness or kindness is ever forgotten.

May you be blessed in all you desire.,

Warmest regards,
Tom Schomaker

Posted by:

I was a patient of Dr. Lebson’s for many years. He was a wonderful physician and a very nice man.My sincere condolences to his family.

Posted by:
Bruce Spiewak

May his memory be a blessing.

Posted by:
Bruce Spiewak

Condolences to the family.

Posted by:
Lynne Drazen

Dear Wendy
I’m so sorry to hear of your husband’s passing. My heartfelt condolences to you and your entire family. May Bob’s name be for a blessing

Posted by:
Helen and Tracy Selmon

Our hearfelt condolences to all of the Lebson family.
Helen and Tracy Selmon

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